GZERO SUMMIT Latin America 2021 | Natalia Pasternak
GZERO SUMMIT Latin America 2021
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2021 Speakers
Natalia  Pasternak
Natalia Pasternak
Research Scholar, Columbia University, President Institute Question of Science
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Natalia Pasternak is a Brazilian science writer, book author awarded with the most renowned Brazilian national literature prize, science communicator and a respected source of credible information sought out by journalists from all over the world, about health and science. During the COVID-19 pandemic, her press columns, science-popularization books, radio shows, and TV appearances brought crucial, life-saving information to millions of people, mainly in Brazil, but also around the globe. She is a microbiologist by training, with a PhD in bacterial genetics from the University of Sao Paulo. The quality of her work led to her being invited to Columbia University by the world-renowned neuroscientist and science writer Stuart Firestein.